There is some controversy regarding printing inks and the environment with the use of terms like environmentally friendly and vegetable oil  (soya).  

At The Printing Ink Company, we decided to use Linseed Oil (Flax) in lieu of soya or canola oil, as linseed oil is a natural oxidizer, requiring less driers for superior drying results.  These linseed oil vehicles will usually produce a harder printed ink film than soya-based vehicles. Use of these types of products precludes the use of petroleum derived compounds.  These inks dry by oxidization and are readily de-inked to improve paper recycling.  Our inks are made to run with low V.O.C. alcohol-substitutes and fountain solutions.

We produce printing inks that are lower in V.O.C.s (Volatile Organic Compounds), using the maximum percentage of Renewable Resources, such as Linseed Oil, Tung Oil and Rosin-based Resins.

We believe that our printing inks will satisfy your customer's desire to be part of the new concern for the environment.

We are constantly working on the best manufacturing techniques to reduce emissions to the air, water and land.  We look for ways to conserve water and energy.  We strive to reduce the levels of waste that are produced by disposing such waste in a safe and responsible manner. Whenever possible, we make use of recycling or reusing any waste that may be generated. Our research and development department is responsive to our customers’ concerns for the environment and we are constantly striving to improve our printing ink and their impact on the environment through the printing process.

That's how we make a difference!