re:thINK Series

The latest in innovative thinking led to the development of the re:thINK Series, a superior ink in every respect. Modern presses and processes need modern inks. re:thINK fills the bill.

re:thINK achieves greater gloss with a higher level of solids. The result is an ink that absorbs less. More ink stays on top of the sheet. The result? Brilliant.

  • ISO 2846 Compliant
  • Waxfree, Heat resistant
  • Ultra quick-set and dry, even on difficult substrates like
  • uncoated board
  • Excellent rub resistance
  • High strength, High gloss
  • Cobalt free drier package
  • Hard dry, near zero solvent/ ultra-low VOCs – high solid content
  • Great transfer with low emulsification capacity
  • Suitable for Laser Printing, UV Coating, Aqueous Coating
  • Film Lamination, Foil Stamping
  • 7-day stay open properties