Lightfast Printing Inks

The Printing Ink Compay manufactures a series of lightfast inks that are ideal for display.

These inks are designed to offer the optimum in lightfast qualities for lithographic ink.

Not all pigments have good lightfast qualities, such as yellow and magenta, therefore these must be replaced with permanent pigments.  These inks will reflect in pricing, as inks with better lightfast qualities tend to be of premium cost.

Lightfast ratings of these pigments are determined on colours being of full strength, therefore tints or any inks used at less than full strength can reduce lightfast properties.

Life expectancy of these inks can also vary depending on conditions introduced to finished product.  Lightfast inks that are exposed to direct sunlight for any period of time can greatly reduce life expectancy of colours.

The use of lightfast inks, non-yellowing overprint varnishes and non-acid paper will minimize yellowing and fading for lithographic reproductions.