Roller Washes

Two-Step Washup K.O. 1

The first step of a two-step wash that consists of solvents and detergents.  For colour changes and weekend maintenance.


Litho Blanket & Roller Wash #520

A rinse for K.O. 1 to remove all of the detergent residue and to keep the rollers ink receptive.  Also recommended as a blanket wash by itself. Strong blue solvent with low odour.


One Step Wash WM

A concentrated solvent used for stubborn cases of ink and gum glaze on rollers, blankets and cloth dampeners.


One Step Wash Up #117

Strong cleaner with a medium drying speed.  Water miscible.


One Step Wash Up #2018

General purpose, medium drying, low odour, water miscible


Litho Blanket & Roller Wash #980

Medium drying


Litho Blanket & Roller Wash #982

Fast, strong cleaner


Litho Blanket & Roller Wash #987

 Fast.  Flash Point BRT


Litho Blanket & Roller Wash #988



U-V Wash #592

  • Strong and fast
  • Forms Wash
  • Fast drying wash for business forms presses.  Flash Point BRT