Drying Agents


A Unique Drying Agent for Sheetfed Lithographic Inks

Properties of Aqua-Dri Driers

  1. Aqua-Dri Driers are put into the ink fountain at press-side and mixed with ink in amounts of 10 - 20 grams per kilo.
  2. Aqua-Dri Driers react with the water the ink takes up and produces oxygen that speeds up drying from within the ink, usually by 40-50%.
  3. Aqua-Dri Driers does not contain lead so is safe for food packaging.  It does contain cobalt and maganese.
  4. Acid in fountain solution does not affect Aqua-Dri Driers as it will with other driers.
  5. Aqua-Dri Driers will not affect the colour of ink.
  6. Aqua-Dri Driers are particularly effective on non-absorbent papers, boards and plastics (polycoated board, etc.).
  7. Aqua-Dri Driers can be used with all fountain solutions.

Aqua-Dri Driers will not work in:

  • Rubber based quickset ink with no drying oil.
  • Flexographic, gravure and silk-screen inks.
  • It can be used in letterpress, but because of the absence of water, will only help dry like other driers.